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Rainbow trout of all shapes and sizes

At Cedar Crest, we know a thing or two about raising rainbow trout. Across our five sites, our team grows more than 6 million fingerlings a year for farms across Canada. We also raise our own trout for stocking, processing and smoking year-round.


Delicious, and deliciously sustainable

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Best Aquaculture Practices Certified

All our farms are recognized by the globally-trusted BAP program for environmental sustainability, fish welfare and social responsibility. Learn more.

Ocean Wise Recommended

Are you passionate about the future of our planet? So are we, which is why Cedar Crest is an official Ocean Wise partner. Learn more.

Certified Disease-Free Fish

Do you need certified disease-free fingerlings? We work with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to regularly test our fish so they can be shipped across borders.


Humble beginnings

Cedar Crest was founded in 1995 by entrepreneurs Jim and Lynette Taylor. Although it took them eight years to get permits, and another three years to afford bathroom doors in their house, they never lost sight of their goal: To grow happy, healthy and sustainable protein in the waters of Grey County.

Today, Cedar Crest is a thriving network of five farms run by sister-brother duo Arlen and RJ Taylor. Cedar Crest is the province’s largest supplier of fingerlings, and also a cottage favourite with their line of smoked trout products.

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Where we're located


We obsess about water

Our fish need fresh clean water to thrive, and so does our surrounding environment. All Cedar Crest farms are fed by spring water from the bedrocks of Grey County. Before we return it to local watersheds, we naturally settle and filter it to ensure plenty of clean water for generations to come.


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